Friday, March 20, 2015

Dream I tell You

I found you
I wasn’t looking

for you, or me:
wandering lost 



/an early-morning dream:
like the distance of aloofness...

and no more roads;
uncanny mists
trespassing, leaping off-fences!

… only a blind search
on all sides
running, earth’s round corners a bubble, or a droplet:
held in nothing, panic-stricken,
passage, interrogations, (no gates!)

held in that exotic dreamscape;
an ancient woman’s wizened face;
asking me whereabouts…

(“make up something, hurry!”
~ a small voice shrieked), and I made up:

I was non-expected:
but your soft smile arose
warmly from the bed’s horizon…

true gifts are silent ones, unasked ~
a smile, homely talk,
quiet assurance of everyday in sudden meetings…

And thus in a dream
 strangely indebted,
Dream I tell You…

why don’t you look one?!”

/My eyes know



Your smile…

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